So you do know innocent cows are dying for your cause??!!

What gives you the right? How do you justify?  What makes one life less important than another?

Trust us, it is a struggle everyday knowing that one animal has given his life for another.  The sustainability issue is not always right, and the answer lies somewhere in the mix of a non perfect world. With that being said, we do not turn a blind eye to the issue and are in continuous effort to work with many groups to lessen the effects on our environment, animals, and brotherhood alike.

Currently we are researching out a meatless jerky.  We would love nothing more than to have this as our main product and to never hurt another animal again.... Stay tuned... it is coming with your help.

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  • I understand you are killing cows to save dogs ,you want to help dogs which is great but with the beef jerkey but you have to kill a cow to get the meat for jerkey to save a dog,confusing


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