Mi Amigos Mission

It is no secret that a dog is mans best friend. To many times dogs go un-cared for and neglected.  Here at Mi Amigo Jerky we would like to change this.  What we plan to do.

1. We are working on building the most amazing beef jerky line to sell to everyone that loves dogs.

2. We are planning to sell enough beef jerky to raise the capital that is needed to build a dog ranch.

3. The dog ranch will be located in mountains of Ortega in Orange County, Ca.

4. We will build a road side beef jerky stand, and taco stand for all to stop and enjoy.

5. The proceeds will go to the rescue of all dogs, shelter them, train them, house them, and give them a forever home whether it be in a permanent resident or here at the ranch.

 6. We will give them a voice.

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